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Musically Video Views Vs Likes

Do you have an Musically account? One big issue might be whether or not it’s better to buy Musically followers. You certainly want people to watch your clips, but you want them to give it a Like also, right?

Musically made a big change earlier this year. The photo/video sharing site changed the way Likes are viewed. Users stopped seeing the names that showed the post had fewer than 11 Likes. Instead, just the number of Likes was shown.

This was a big plus for Musically user’s who were always worried about their videos showing the pseudo “half of shame” indicating a video wasn’t popular enough to show a number instead of a list of names.

On the other hand, there were people who opposed the change because it changed the way things had been done in the past. When the feature was tested, it received mixed reviews.


Meanwhile, one reason Musically might have changed Likes to views on some posts earlier this year to deal with spammers. It also gives people the ability to measure how effective marketing is. There are automation tools that can result in auto Likes of images and videos. That results in more Likes than videos.

In theory, that’s a red flag. How can a video get more Likes than people who have watched the video? The number of Likes doesn’t show how many people have seen the videos, or their opinion of it.

Marketers will want to know how effective their marketing is. Sometimes there’s the silent majority that likes a video but doesn’t give it a Like. That results in Views showing how popular a video is. That includes people who give it a Like and those who like it but don’t give it a Like. This metric is much more precise and helpful for marketing purposes.

Musically admitted this fact. It pointed out that views are the most common type of feedback for video. However, it’s still given Musically users the ability to check data on Likes. They just have to click on the view count of the video.

A video might not have many Likes, but it could have many Views. In the case of images, if there’s a call to action (CTA) in the picture, people might not act on the CTA without liking the photo.

This is critical for the measurement of results. : That could include breakthroughs on a bio link through the count for video Views. This is critical for paid video ads, and shout outs. You can see the total impressions and measure the results on a bio link click through you receive as a result.

These issues about Musically video Likes/Views are important for various reasons, including marketing. It’s important to get the latest news about updates since they often involve Likes/Shares for photos and videos.

As an image/video-sharing site, these are critical issues for Musically. That’s especially true now that the social network has half a billion monthly active users. Such issues can affect tons of users, so it’s important to know of the changes.

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