How to Create Winning PPV Ad Campaigns

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How does a PPV ad Campaign works?

Basically, PPV or Pay per View Ad campaign is a form of online adds marketing in which the advertisers usually pay a fixed amount of money at each time someone clicks their advertising page. Usually, it involves devoted networks that constantly work to show each add to the person who downloads as well as installs a unique software called Adware. The term “Adware” seems more like Spyware or any kind of virus but truly, Adware is not virus but it is seen that often many company makes Spyware in such a way that it appears to be Adware at users end.

In simple words, Adware is an advertising supporting software that could in the form any application or software like a PC game, any downloader, toolbar of a browser, music player etc.; for example; bingo toolbar, different types of messengers etc.

How the market persons manage to create a winning PPV ad campaign?

These adware works in different ways to generate revenue. One popular way is to place add in high traffic websites and when someone clicks on those adds, new window pops up and it shows the website of the advertiser. Another way is to create search toolbars and when anyone searches anything on these toolbars, a pop up window comes on the screen and it shows the website of the advertiser.

There are many other ways to do it.

  • Adware installs some kind of plug-in at the browser of the user that leads to popping up of new window which shows the website of the advertiser. Let us discuss it in more detail. Let us consider an example that you are going to use internet and any is adware is previously being there in your PC. Suppose you open any browser in your PC and you write (any random website). Just at the instant when you hit “enter” key or you press on “Go”, along with the desired website a new webpage pops up in a new window which is none other but the webpage of the advertiser.
  • The basic fundamentals in PPV ad campaigns are less or more same as the CPC add marketing system. Like in CPC, in PPV also one needs to register their website with any adware network which will enable them to start their own PPV ad campaign. Just same as CPC, market persons have to visit these Adware networks they need to bid for the required high hit keywords based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. But unlike CPC campaigns, in PPV ad campaign market persons are allowed to bid for URLs along the keywords such that when someone clicks on the URL then the marketer’s website will pop up in a new window.

Let us take an example to understand it in more detail. Let us consider that you have a online shopping site and need to promote its sales. Now, you can do it by bidding for keywords related to your website that are mostly visited by users. Along with that you can also bid for URLs of any top online selling site like When someone will open that URL, at that time along with the URL tour site will pop up in a mew window.

These are the basic methodologies how a PPV ad campaign works.

How much amount of money you need to start your own PPV campaign?

The cost of placing ads in the Adware sites depends on their own price policy. Generally, the cost for each view ranges from $0.01 to $0.15. But in case of many Adware website, you need to pay a fixed amount of money during the registration process.


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