Guide to Affiliate marketing Basics

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Affiliate marketing is an online home business practice followed to promote a product of a company which earns rewards. This article talks about how this business can be made into a success and how to work online to make it happen.

What is the role of an affiliate?

As an affiliate, the role is to promote a company’s product with the help of a unique link which is used as a tracking medium for the advertiser to track the leads referred by the affiliate. If a visitor buys the product using the unique link the sale will earn commission for the affiliate which is generally a percentage of the sale.

How to start ?

There are certain things that need to be analysed before choosing an online home business that suits the niche. This would only interest the audience targeted. It is like trying to promote car tyres to an audience who is more interested in beauty products.

A properly associated affiliate product is one which is of interest to the target audience and is of good quality. Substandard products will only spoil the reputation of the site.

How to find the right Affiliate products?

As discussed earlier in this article it is very important to choose the right affiliate products.

Check other Affiliate Networks: These networks list quite a few affiliate programs. If these networks are properly browsed, it is very easy to find an affiliate network which can cater to the requirement.

Check on Google: Google is another freely available tool which can help with finding an affiliate product. Type in “keyword + Affiliate Program” and something should come up.

The other ways of finding the right affiliate product is browsing online stores and checking competition sites.

How to promote the products?

There are various ways in which Affiliate products can be promoted. They are:

  1. Promoting the blog by regularly updating it with interesting content.
  2. Using social networks as a media where several fans or followers can be gathered and then make a promotional pitch.
  3. Writing slick articles to attract viewers and post them in article directories. Sometimes resource boxes are used to post affiliate links within articles, but many a times this is not allowed. This is very effective way of promoting the affiliate product. Some good and famous article directories are,,

Some other ways of promoting this online home business are by creating videos, creating web 2.0 properties, online forums, generating email lists and creating sites.

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